A Beautiful Person

You are a beautiful person, but you know who doesn’t see it?  Yourself!

We are hardest on ourselves

We can see the beautiful aspects in others so easily.  Yet I think that we are taught that to see our own beautiful aspects might be somehow egocentric.  When someone compliments us on how we look or behave we tend to downplay their compliment.  As a result not only do we not see our finer points, we begin to believe we don’t have any finer points. We do ourselves a disservice.

With this months intentions, Ashtar is focusing on our harvest.  It’s time to harvest our own strengths.  This doesn’t have to be egocentric.  If we know we have a lovely smile, it’s just a fact.  If we know we are good with others, that’s just how it is.  We don’t have to take out a billboard or Facebook add to proclaim it.

The harvest

We have done some serious work on ourselves over the years.  Now is the perfect time to take stock.  Have we eliminated a habit that at one time drove others away?  Harvest that.  Have you become more compassionate and empathetic?  Harvest it!  We all need to be our own best friend.   You have worked for it, acknowledge your work.

The second season

This weeks marks the second season of the Ashtar Intention Series.  In October 2022, at Ashtar’s prompting, we began recording his intention series.  I am very excited as I look back on the collection of suggestions and guidance which have been offered through these 53 Intentions.  Hopefully you too have found some value in them.

My gratitude to you

None of this would be possible without you.  That these intentions have been viewed around the world fills my heart with joy.

Please continue to check-in regularly and see what the Ascended Master Ashtar has in store for you.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,