A long time ago

The first time I was at Delphi was a long time ago.  Something along the lines of 3400 years ago.  Needless to say, this was a long delayed homecoming!

Spiritual Principles

For the past 19 months Ashtar has been giving us Spiritual Principles as a way of sharpening our growth.  Several times during those 19 months I have mentioned that He has been presenting Spiritual Principles in one way or another through all the years we have been posting blogs.  This week is no exception.  The only difference is he will not be providing an Intention during this video.

If I were to identify the Spiritual Principle in this video it would be the Principle of God Within.

The Temple of Apollo

We did this video in the shadow of the Temple of Apollo, home, for thousands of years, to the Oracles of Delphi.  Energetically my entire being blossomed as I approached the site.  When I finally set foot on the grounds of the Temple I was almost out of my body, even before Ashtar came through to speak.

Memories of days past came rushing through my body.  The fact that today’s temple shows nothing of its former glory did not deter me in any way.  I could see myself, my clothing, the rituals clearly.  Those who came to us for guidance had traveled great distances , just as I had, to hear what would be offered.  This guidance came from the Oracles, Oracles just like myself. But that was a long time ago,

Listening between the line

This is an exciting video to watch.  Especially if you enjoy history, landscape and architecture. My suggestion is to watch at least one time to take in the beauty.  Then watch at least one more time to hear what Ashtar has to say.  You will want to listen between the lines to hear his amazing teachings, but they are there.

Thank you for taking time to watch some of my home videos, and as always,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,