A new day

I am very excited about this; Ashtar has asked me to develop a new teaching system.  It will not replace what you have already heard; it is a new class, an opportunity to develop yourself even deeper.  We call it Ashtar’s Realignment Program.  We will be using meditation in several forms, visualization and Hermetic Principles combined with some amazing elements Ashtar is bringing.  This program is actually three steps, or blocks, of instruction.    We will be introducing  ground-breaking material never before offered to Ashtar students.  The first step will be offered in Japan beginning in November.  I am humbled to say that the first four days of instruction sold out almost as soon as the notice was released, so a fifth day of training has been added to accommodate the demand.  Thank you Studio Kara for providing the platform for our first events.  America will be able to enjoy this unique process in January, so watch for our announcements about where and when the workshops will be offered.

At this moment I am hold-up in my hotel as Typhoon Jebi heads for a projected landfall right where I am in a few hours.  I know that people in Florida and the rest of the Gulf Coast are in pretty much the same position as I am with Hurricane Gordon. Please join me in asking Ashtar to protect us Mother Nature does what she does.  

Blessings of Universal Love (and safety)

Terrie 🙂

PS, Ashtar says “I am watching over all my little ones as you prepare for the storms.”