A new era

May first in Japan saw the beginning of a new era.  Emperor Akihito abdicated the throne in favor of his eldest son Naruhito and his wife Masako.  Reiwa (a new era) has begun, so it is very interesting to be here at this turning point in history.  The celebrations were everywhere around Tokyo where Ashtar and I are working right now.  I feel honored to be present during this historic time.  My prayers for the new reining couple include wisdom, peace and joy.

And speaking of a new era, Anemone Magazine, which is hosting me here in Gotunda has a new events coordinator; Sato-san.  As I think about it I see that “new” describes so much around me.  The new Emperor, a new coordinator, the spring season, even the room we are meeting in has a fresh new look too.  My association with Anemone goes back years.  They have featured Ashtar and myself in no fewer than nine editions of Anemone Magazine.  Thank you Anemone, may our relationship continue for many years come.

New can be scary sometimes.  We do tend to like the familiar.  But change is an important part of life.  If you find yourself dealing with some discomfort about new in your life, join me in some meditation.  Allow your guides and guardians to help you gently into this new era.

And to Sato-san, welcome to Team Ashtar!

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂