Abundance in Love

This month Ashtar has been doing a series on Abundance.  This week it is  abundance and love.  How do we find the abundance in love?

The key is your intention

Love is everywhere.  Just ask anyone who has just gone through a break-up.  Everywhere they turn all they see are couples in love.  This can hurt very deeply.  On the other hand it can also remind us love is possible.  We just have to let our hearts heal.   Once you are ready make it your intention to find that abundance in love and tap into the stream for ourselves.


Throughout this months Intention series on Abundance one common thread can be found; gratitude.  Anything we wish to have more of; family, wealth, finances or health, gratitude will help bring it to us. I myself am in the throes of gratitude for all the people who joined us tonight for the Welcome Back session.  For the first time ever we offered an in-person or Zoom option.  I am grateful for the local people who could join us at my home as well as those from points as distant as Japan.  That is an abundance in love.

What is coming up?

For November Ashtar will be speaking on Family.  With major family based holidays falling so closely together many people find challenges.  I want to make clear that family is not restricted to blood relations.  Family comes in all forms.  He will be speaking about family, harmony, compassion and of course, gratitude.  It is my hope you will be part of the Ashtar Intention Series each week.

Viewing options

Of course you can wait for each of these videos to show up in your inbox, or you can also subscribe to the Terrie Symons/Lady Ashtar You Tube channel to get notifications of when these videos are posted.  The fun part of being a subscriber to my You Tube channel is that you can go back and view segments any time.  What I find is that as we expand Spiritually we find new meaning to Ashtar’s words.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,