Abundance Intention

This week Ashtar’s talk is about your abundance intention.  This is the third intention for Octobers Abundance series.  Please do not feel you have to view these intentions in order.  You will be drawn to the intentions which speak to you.


Have you ever noticed that you can pass by a location hundreds of times but suddenly something about the location catches your eyes.  Suddenly you feel a curious attraction to that spot.  You wonder; how did I ever miss that?  Is it new, or what?  As we grow spiritually what has been invisible to us suddenly becomes visible.  The greatest teachers know they cannot teach you anything. They can only offer tools for you to learn yourself.  When our time comes to see or hear something; when we are prepared for the revelation, it is there.

This is true of the teachings Ashtar offers.  That is why we have created the Lady Ashtar You Tube channel.  At your own pace you can revisit any of the hundreds of topics Ashtar has spoken about.  Almost every time you will learn something new.  Please feel free to visit our library and see what kinds of golden nuggets attract you today.

Abundance Intention

This week you are offered an Abundance Intention about Finances.  Other than relationships, finances are probably the number one question people ask him.  Intentions are to be used every day, even multiple times per day.  I love using post-it notes to remind me what I am working on. You may find this helpful as well

The Ashtar Live Session

October 30 Ashtar returns to live, in-person sessions.  This long awaited revival will be in Fallbrook, California at 6:00PM.  To reserve your spot just visit the Ladyashtar.com store and sign up.  The session is only $50.00 per person.  If you like, we can also arrange a Zoom connection for you as well.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,