Almost Christmas

It’s Almost Christmas!  Can you feel the excitement?

The Christmas Spirit

In that it is almost Christmas it might be a good time to think about what is important to you around this holiday.  What does  “Christmas Spirit” mean to you?

Is it the shopping, the gifting, the change of weather?  Those things are wonderful!  Do you have a Spiritual or Religious connection to Christmas?  Are you taking just a little more time to show love and consideration now that it is almost Christmas?

As you know, any and all of these things can be experienced year-round.  Especially the subject of this week’s Ashtar Intention; Patience.  Patience is something we can certainly use more of all year long.

Don’t forget yourself

When you are thinking of exercising more patience now that it is almost Christmas, don’t forget to give some of that patience to yourself.  We place such pressure on ourselves to give, especially this time of year.  We want our homes to reflect the happiest of images for Christmas.  If we are cooking for family and or friends, we want everything to be just so.  Don’t forget that with all the pressures to create magic we cannot give something we don’t have within ourselves.  This includes patience.

When things start to get crazy.  When demands build up.  When you want everything to be perfect, be patient.  Be patient with yourself.  Patience is the greatest gift you can offer alongside love.

The New Year

2023 offers so many delightful opportunities to be (or become) what you want to be and have.  Won’t you consider joining us for the Ashtar New Year Message?  This year we are offering Ashtar’s message on Zoom as well as live in our home in Fallbrook, CA.  Get an insight to what may happen as the new year turns.  Visit with Ashtar and see what he has to offer.  Of course you will be able to ask a question, and you will learn so much from the questions other participants ask too.

Ashtar’s New Year Message will happen December 28, 2022 from 6:00-9:00 PM Pacific Time.  You can get your spot through the store.  Only $50.00 per person, live or on Zoom.

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Many Blessings of Universal Love,