And now it's Fukuoka

My last few hours in Osaka were spent at an amazing, and much overlooked temple called Shitenn Ji.  My interpreter Rika Moriyama and I wandered through the ancient gates expecting to spend time in the peace and serenity of a Shinto Shrine.  We did find the peace and serenity.  I may have mentioned before, the Shinto culture and the Buddhist culture overlap throughout Japan.  I mention this because here in this wonderful hide-away in Osaka I came across a dear old friend of mine; Kukai.  Kukai was a pioneer in bringing Esoteric Buddhism to Japan and his lasting impact on Japan is found in many places.  Ashtar and Kukai are of the same energy line so it is an enlivening experience for me to find myself in his presence.  Some of my photos of Shitenno Ji, Kukai and I are below.  

While waiting for an evening seminar where Ashtar spoke of his role on earth in Osaka, Rika-san and I were browsing a nearby bookstore and came across the two latest books channeled by Ashtar.  I have to admit, it is always fun to see my books in print!  In 2019 there will be at least two possibly three more Ashtar related books coming out.

Once again I am back in Fukuoka working through Dynavision.  From now until November 27th I will have twenty-six private sessions and two group sessions, so if you happen to be nearby and would like to join-in, please contact for more information.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂

My dear old friend Kukai and myself together again




Shitennoji Temple


My two latest books on the shelves in Osaka!