And so it begins!

Well, here I am back in Japan, and loving it!  For the next three months I will be touring Japan doing private sessions, group sessions, workshops and special events.  I would truly love to see you at one or more of our programs.  Right now I am enjoying Gotunda and the hosting of Anemone and the wonderful Okuyama San.  Gotunda is a wonderful town and I love visiting here tour after tour.  If you would like to join me here please call 090-6514-1295.  I will be here through Monday September 26.

Next stop will be in the University town of Kunatachi.  You can contact Hatsuga Cafe and Mr and Mrs Yao for information about the private sessions and what may be available.  Their contact number is 080-5038-0888.

By the way, this photo was on the outside of our meeting place.  I am told it means “The Story Lady Is In.”  Maybe it was not specifically for me, but I can be the story lady if you wish!

Hope to see you very soon!

Blessings of Universal love,


"The Story Lady is IN!"