And,,,I'm back!

Hello everyone,  I’m back in the US for the next few months.  A friend of mine recently suggested I’d like to move to Japan.  I am begining to understand why people might get that idea.  In 2018 I have been in Japan for 223 days, almost seven and a half months.  


I speak by telephone and video sessions with people from around the world throughout the year no matter where I am.  Please do not feel that just because I am on tour I am unavailable.  Ashtar and I are here to support you all through the year.


The truth is, I am in love with wherever I am.

Right now I am preparing for the next series of sessions that begin December 27 in Carlsbad.  In January we will be in Encinitas, Ramona, and Carlsbad, plus the private and phone sessions I will be doing in-between.  If you would like to put together a group session before I depart in March, Brian and I would love to help you arrange that.  Call me for your private or phone session.  I know we can create the perfect time and space for you to receive the Wisdom of Ashtar.  


Christmas is almost here!  This is the first Christmas in about eight years that I have been home for the days leading up to this joyful celebration. I am looking forward so much to touching bases with all the friends I miss throughout the year.

Before Christmas, Ashtar will have a video just for you, watch for it sometime during the next three or four days.

Until then,

Happy holidays,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂