Ashtar Flash Meeting

Ashtar came to me this week and said, “I have a message for my little ones.”  We have been offering our U.S. subscribers a monthly three hour Ashtar session but this one will be different.  We know you are busy, even without the traditional large Thanksgiving gathering you may still be busy.  That’s why on Tuesday, November 24 we will be offering a one hour Ashtar group event for only $20.00.

This is a subscribers only event from 7-8 PM via Zoom.  Ashtar has some things he wants to share with you about what is going on around us these days.  He will also answer a few questions.   We ask that these questions be of a Universal nature.  If you have something you would like him to address just send an email to with the subject line “Question for Ashtar” before our event.  We cannot guarantee your specific question will be answered, but he says this will help him focus on your issues.  I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to hearing what message Ashtar has for you!

This is a subscribers only event.  If you have yet to become a subscriber to do it right now so you can get more of these special offers.

We are calling this the “Ashtar Flash Meeting” because there is not much time before we go live on Tuesday.  On the website the store will have a tab so you can purchase your ticket.  As usual, Brian will send out the link as your order comes in.

The Ashtar Flash Meeting!  Please join us Tuesday, November 24, 7-8PM pacific time.  See you there!

Lady Ashtar welcomes you

Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar welcomes you to her session.