Ashtar in Japan

As the second month of my spring tour 2018 of Japan continues I want to share three photos of Ashtar at work in some of the most inspiring, heart-opening locations.  You may recall that two years ago the Kumamoto region of Japan was rocked with a huge earthquake destroying roadways, buildings and closing off the area for some time.  I was in Kochi at the time, and even on the seventh floor of my hotel I could feel the shaking. I am happy to report the region has recovered nicely, and the Kumamoto Castle is undergoing repairs.  You can see the scaffolding in the photo.  Even with the devastating quake, many of the outbuildings survived, which you can see from the photo of Ashtar working outside one of them.  Then there is the natural beauty of the Kumamoto area.  The final image is of Ashtar speaking in a grotto that is breathtakingly beautiful.

As you read this I will be in Osaka for a three day visit with Ms. Yukari Kojima.  I hope you enjoy these action photos of Ashtar teaching in Japan.

Many blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂