Ashtar in Kobe

Lady Ashtar, Terrie Symons, took some time during her spring tour of Japan to visit with the wonderful folks at fmGIG in the amazing city of Kobe, Japan.  Terrie got to spend time on-air preparing not one, but two radio shows that will be broadcast on May 20 and 27.  Our Japanese friends will be able to tune in on-line and listen to it all, our American friends can tune in and listen to the English portion of the interviews.  Terrie said she is in such gratitude for the loving support of the radio station and the opportunity to bring Ashtar’s message to even more people around the world.  In the photo you can see the show hostess; Mika, some of the staff of fmGIG, as well as Yuka Reinhart, who has been doing the translation duties during this leg of the spring tour, as well as Yukari Kojima of Studio KARA. 

A little over a month remains for this tour, then Terrie and Brian will celebrate their relationship with a Shinto style wedding in Osaka on June 29.  Some availabilities to attend are still open, so if you would like to join us for this amazing experience, please contact: info@studio-kara,com.