Ashtar’s New Year Message

Offering Ashtar’s New Year Message publicly is something we have been doing for several years now.  Most of the time the message is recorded in my office but year we are doing something a little different.  We are offering you the opportunity to sit in as Ashtar, the 11th dimension Ascended Master, goes live on Zoom.

Join us live!

Yes, you can join us live as Ashtar speaks about what to look forward to in 2021 as well as how to heal the slings and arrows of 2020.  Ashtar’s new year message will help you clear away the residue of 2020, and isn’t that a wonderful idea? People often tell us; “just move on.”  But sometimes this is not as simple to do as to say.  Ashtar has told us that he will be offering us some guidance in doing our release, and he will be doing it as you join us live December 31, 2020 from 6-8pm on Zoom.

Your invitation!

On the website we have a tab in the store for Ashtar’s New Year Message.  All  you do is simply click and make your reservation.  In a few days we will be sending out the meeting link so you can join us.  If you are a subscriber to the Lady Ashtar blogs you have received our secret discount code, if you are not a subscriber, why not?  Save $20.00 on this session, receive discounts for other Ashtar Live events as well as special pricing on DVD’s and Lady Ashtar merchandise.

A great way to spend New Years Eve

Joining Lady Ashtar and Ashtar as we prepare to step into the new year, is safe, fun, informative and will let you share the energy of other followers of Ashtar’s messages.  Ashtar will answer any questions you wish to submit about moving forward, time permitting.  Please send them to  We hope to see you there!

Love and Blessings,