Thank you from Ashtar

, A great big thank you from Ashtar and myself!  Our January Zoom session has booked to overflowing.  As an ascended master, Ashtar doesn’t have to consider the time factor.  Those of us who are living on the 3rd dimension do have to watch the time.  We want everyone who attends our session to get the personal attention they deserve. We don’t want  to rush through an event.

What we are going to do

We still haven’t seen some of the usual names signed up as of yet, so we know there are people who would love to join with us. With this in mind we are adding an Ashtar Guides and Guardians session on Sunday, February 14 from 6-9PM Pacific time.  Yes, that’s Valentines Day so you can be certain Ashtar will be speaking about relationships.  If you have not yet registered for Sunday’s session, please go to our store and sign up for the very special Valentines Day Ashtar Zoom session.

What’s that image?

The photo on this blog is of Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar, holding up both the Japanese version and the English version of her biography, The Lady Ashtar Story.  Both are available in the Lady Ashtar on-line store.

And what about that special code?

Subscribers will receive a $10.00 discount on this thank you from Ashtar by simply entering the secret code AVS21 in the Lady Ashtar store.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Many blessings of Universal Love,