Ashtar Zoom

Happy February!  Did you remember that this Sunday, February 27 we will be having another Ashtar Zoom?  You still have time to join us.

It’s Guides and Guardians

Yes, this month Ashtar will be telling you who your current guides and guardians are.  He will also be giving you a message, and taking questions.  The question and answer part of the Ashtar Zoom is one of everyone’s favorites.  You can ask the Ambassador of Love any question you want.  Ashtar has often told us that we cannot progress beyond our current level of understanding until we free ourselves of our third dimensional roadblocks.

Sometimes these roadblocks seem so trivial, but they are not trivial.  Picture yourself on the precipice of moving into the fourth or fifth dimension spiritually.  Suddenly you begin worrying; did I turn off the coffee maker this morning?  Trivial perhaps, essential in gaining the proper consciousness.  Being with us on this Ashtar Zoom can help you break free.

How do I join?

It is so simple to join us.  All you have to do is follow this link to my store.  Click on the Month of Love image and you will be gently guided to make your reservation.  Just before the event you will receive a Zoom link for Sunday nights session.  It’s that simple!

What will I learn?

First off, Ashtar will deliver a message tailored to the group.  Then he will come to each participant and give them a personal message which will include who your current Guide or Guardian is.  Then he will take questions from the group.  Often times someone else will ask the question that was sitting in the back of your mind,  That’s always fun!

So, when is this session?

The next Ashtar Zoom session is Sunday, February 27 from 6-9pm Pacific Time.  Please join us for what will be a delightful session.  And bring a friend!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,