Ashtar’s Intention

Ashtar’s Intention for this week revolves around something many of us find difficult to do.  The act of compassion toward ourselves.

Things we are good at

We are very good at showing others compassion.  We freely give and love others.  Our judgements are tempered by kindness.  So then, why is it so difficult to show these same attributes to ourselves?  Rather than complain and whine about our lives, why do we not show ourselves the same love?   I would say that is very curious, don’t you?

Ashtar’s charge to us

This week Ashtar’s Intention  to begin showing ourselves the same compassion that we show others.    In practicing what Ashtar is asking, we are actually telling ourselves, “I love you.”  The ego self raises up to protect us.  It is a self-defense mechanism.  Once the ego self understands we are acting in love, it no longer has to protect us this way.


There is a story about a psychiatrist on Maui who developed a fascinating approach to healing.  He would sit in his office with the photos of inmates in a violent prison repeating, “I love you.  I’m Sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.”  Within two years all the inmates were deemed safe to return home.  You don’t have to be an inmate to benefit from this process.  Show yourself compassion. This is Ashtar’s Intention for the third week of January 2023.

Ashtar’s New Year Message

We have completed editing Ashtar’s 2023 New Year message event.  In a compact one hour video you can experience the power of his message.  The video will be delivered to you via a YouTube link.  What joys does 2023 hold for us?  Get a copy for yourself and find out!  It’s available in the store.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,