Attention Healers

So many of us think of ourselves as “Healers.” The truth is, it is not we who do the healing, but Universal Engery which does the  work.  We do facilitate healing, of course, but it is important to remain grounded in the truth that the Universe has the unlimited healing power.  That being said, many of us do healing practices as part of our income.  Ashtar has some advice for healers and our businesses.  There is nothing wrong with earning an income through sharing our skills and talents, it is why we are here.  If people are focused on third-dimensional thoughts, they might lag in their ascension. (and therefore the ascension of the planet.)  Our work can help them get free.  Realizing there is a business aspect to what we do is important so that the vibrations of more people can help raise this planet.  Watch the following video for Ashtar’s suggestions.  As always you can also view this, and other Ashtar videos through You Tube.  This one is called Ashtar: Business advice for healers.

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂