Be generous to yourself

While you are giving and giving to others, remember to be generous to yourself as well.

A spiritual truth

A basic spiritual truth is that we cannot provide anything to others that we do not have within ourselves.  We cannot give unconditional love if we do not have unconditional love within.  Being a loving person is impossible if we ourselves are not loving.  When it comes to being generous we are much more effective if we can first be generous to ourselves

Self Love

The month of January 2023 Ashtar is focusing on Self Love.  It’s easy to think of self love as being self-centered, but it’s not that at all.  Self Love puts us in the position of being able to offer so much more to the world.  If we do not love ourselves we cannot love another.  Certainly we can make a show of being loving, but vibrationally others feel there is something missing.  Have you ever noticed someone who smiles all the time but the smile doesn’t reach their eyes?  You may not be able to immediately recognize what is missing, but vibrationally the message is clear;  this is not a sincere smile.

Coming from within.

If you truly want to help others please remember to fill your being with everything you want to give.  Be generous to yourself.  Be generous with self love in all its forms.  The power to give comes from within.  Take a moment to visit the Lady Ashtar/Terrie Symons YouTube videos for the past four months.  You will find so many helpful tips to balance yourself.

New Year Message

Ashtar’s 2023 New Year Message is now available in my store at  All this wonderful material comes from our December 28. 2022 session with The Ambassador of Love.  It is so filled with insights, suggestions and guidance one viewing will not be enough.  Take notes and refer to them all year long.  Just another way to be generous to yourself!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,