Be the Teacher

Be the Teacher is this weeks Intention from Ashtar.  If you are keeping track, this is Volume 8, number two.

Using the cards

For the month of May, 2023 Ashtar asked that we use the Ashtar Venusian Symbol Cards to find our Intention each week.  This is the brand new project which was introduced while I was in Japan back in April.  These cards can be used so many ways.  You can select a single card each day to set your intention.  You can do a three card spread, such as Ashtar is using this month.  Or, if you are more experienced you can do full spreads to get a deeper understanding of your question.

There are unlimited ways to use the Ashtar Venusian Symbol Cards.  How will you use them?  You can be the Teacher to yourself, or to others.

What’s going on in Terrie’s world?

Yes, I know, we haven’t had any Ashtar Zoom or live sessions in some time.  At least not here in America!  I continue to do my work with my friends in Japan almost every evening.  As you might understand, this makes it difficult to schedule local sessions.  But we know that gratitude is the lubricant of the Universe.  I am so grateful that Ashtar and I have such a loving audience across the Pacific Ocean.

Not very long from now I will be available to present sessions in the U.S.  This means that if you have a group, or want to put together a group, we can talk.  I would love to work with you to arrange a live session in your home, just like before!

If setting up a live group session has crossed your mind, please, let’s talk.  You see, it’s not only Ashtar who can be the Teacher, you can be the Teacher too.  We can do a Zoom viewing party, or live at your location.

And thank you for the Mothers Day greetings you have shared with me.  I hope your celebration of Motherhood was perfect!

Many Blessing of Universal Love,