Blue skies, shining on me!

Oh my golly, another Typhoon just passed through Japan.  I have lost count for this trip, but even with all the hustle and bustle around preparing for it’s arrival Ashtar and I managed to see so many wonderful people seeking his guidance.  I honor those who recognize the power of Ashtar’s message, and am humbled they would risk being stranded here in Tokyo.  All is well, and the final two weeks of this Summer/Fall tour begins.

After a night of dramatic winds and pelting rain my hostess Mami Yanai, her too cute to believe dog Rin-chan and Hitomi san took me to a beautiful park for lunch.  What a blessing this was, thank you ladies, it was wonderful!

I have a few more days here in Tokyo, then I am off to Kunatachi to join the Yao family for private sessions and a talk show.  If these last two weeks are as wonderful as the past two and a half months, these sessions will be amazing.

Thank you for following me along my explorations!

Many blessings of Universal Love,