Bye, bye Fukuoka

After 15 private sessions and a fantastic group session of twenty people I have bid farewell to Fukuoka and headed to Fujinomiya. As you have seen from some of the photos I have already posted, we had a great time while Ashtar and I were in Fukuoka. I especially want to thank our gracious hostess at Labradolite, Sachiko Yamaguchi. She and Megumi-san of Studio Kara kept things running on schedule without a hitch.
I do have a little sadness though, my friend and interpreter Yuka Okawa Rinehart is headed back to Thailand until the end of November. Yuka and I have traveled together for most of this tour. We have become fast friends. Before Yuka left we had time to enjoy one more meal of pancakes together.
The happy side of this story is that Yuka will return as my traveling companion when December rolls around. Until that time I am looking forward to having three different interpreters to work with.
Today I am traveling on the Shinkansen to the base of the iconic Mount Fuji where we will work with Ms Chiharu Yamada of Elpis Salon, an old and loved friend. In case you are interested, the trip from Fukuoka to Fujinomia by train is about 5 and a half hours. Guess I will be able to do some reading along the way!
Many Blessing of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂