Catching up

So many exciting things have been happening for Ashtar and myself on this tour of Japan, and it has been fun sharing them with you, but let me catch up on my travels!  

September 17-19 I was in Nagoya doing group and private sessions.  Nagoya is a seaport, a little off the beaten track for most tourists, but what a city!  My hostess was Yukari-san and we had a wonderful time and some fantastic food.  I actually had a day off between Nagoya and my current location in Kuwana.  That we had rain didn’t dampen our spirts at all as we took a car trip to Ise, taking in the sights and sounds.  There are some amazing and beautiful sights here, including Ise Shrine, and we joyfully took in many of them.  Even in the rain the vivid colors of Ise could shine through.

We will be hosting a number of private sessions and a group here in Kuwana hosted by Ms. Yuko Hiralion.

  The most recent typhoon stripped the petals from the flowers in the world famous gardens here in Kuwana, but this bus is a perfect example that happy colors don’t fade just because of a little wind and rain.

Many blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂