Japanese event 2023

Living with harmony while learning

Saturday April 15 was the first of my big Japanese events for 2023. A New Earth Design The name of this first Japanese event was “New Earth Design.”  Much of the discussion from the panelists revolved around a world without money.  What a fun concept!  Six other panelists took part in the event which was…

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The Japan Spring Tour 2021 begins!

Tonight, as I put this blog together the spring tour of Japan begins.  To say that I am excited would be an understatement!  I am looking forward to having groups, workshops and classes, but what Ashtar and I most enjoy is working with people one-on-one. Roadblocks One of the topics individuals often bring up is…

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Japan sessions begin soon!

Ashtar and I are happy to announce our Japan sessions begin soon!  Of course it’s still to early for me to travel to Japan personally, which is a great sadness for me, but we will be doing our sessions virtually. The dynamic world This pandemic has been very difficult all the way around.  I send…

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The new world in action

ashtar remote teaching 2020 pandemiz

I know many people are experiencing many of the same challenges Ashtar and I have been encountering during these “shelter in place” days. As you know, I had to return from Japan only three weeks into my spring tour, but we haven’t missed a beat. Using Zoom, we have been able to maintain our schedule.…

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Thank you Star Seed Cosmic Festival!

lady ashtar startseed fextival 2020

I am so excited! Yesterday I was invited to take part in a World Wide Web event called the Star Seed Cosmic Festival. It was based in Tokyo and had people from all over Japan sharing their wonderful talents. Naturally the focus was Star Seeds and how their presence shapes our world. I am honored…

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A mask you can enjoy!

two covid ppe masks

While I was still in Japan in March, a friend of ours arranged for a shipment of these washable, reusable masks to be sent to our home. I had the opportunity to try them out while in Japan, and loved them. Now that I am back in California working from home I still love them…

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Making the most

lady ashtar video all about love

Right now each of us has a choice; sink into fear or step into the light. If you have chosen to step into the light, you are truly on your path of ascension. Ascension is not limited to otherworldly experiences, it also includes how you view your current life experience. Ashtar is always available and…

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Whatever you do

Valentines Day 2024 Flash session

I truly hope that you are finding a way to be happy and at least somewhat comfortable during these interesting times. One of the things Ashtar often tells us is that we are responsible for our happiness, and by extension, the happiness of others. Our behavior not only impacts our own experiences, but those of…

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Happy and sad

Winter Solstice

I am very happy because we just completed our largest on-line event to date. Over 1600 people signed up to attend the class and when it concluded we had over 2500 comments. I humbly thank Yukari Kojima and Studio Kara for putting together this wonderful event. Gratitude also goes out to my interpreter Yuka Okawa…

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Busy, busy, busy

cherry blossoms osaka japan lady ashtar 2020 spring tour

You have probably heard by now that Japan has gone onto the same type of self quarantine process you are probably all too familiar with by now. I am holed in my hotel room almost all the time because I have such loving help from Studio Kara, but once in a while I just have…

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