This is the season of Celebrations; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and so many others.  With all this celebration comes some wonderful opportunities to display so many of the things Ashtar has shared with us this month.


Yes, we do have responsibilities as we go through this celebratory season.  With our heightened awareness of the oneness of all people, animals and other living beings we need to take the lead.  At your fingertips are the skills to smooth what can be some very turbulent waters.  We gather with friends and family in various forms.  Can you put into practice what the Intention Series has offered?

With greater knowledge comes greater responsibilities as we go through our celebrations.  We have the responsibility to act with intention rather than letting emotion overcome our words.  With what we have learned we can recognize the inevitable minefields of gatherings and choose the most positive options.  Can you visualize that moment over a big gathering when things begin to spiral out of control?  Then, imagine yourself removing your energy from that downward spiral and upwards into love?

You have that power.  Simply by being aware of the energy around you and taking loving steps to center yourself and those around you, you become The Universe in action.

It’s All About Love

The most powerful place you can put yourself in any situation is in the place of Love.  Enjoy this week’s Intention with Ashtar.

Many blessings of Universal love,