Christmas is in the air!

The final few days of my Fall tour of Japan are being spent in Tachikowa.  I am working with Takako and Hiromi Tanaguchi at Beloved and Yuka Kondo.  All around me I see the signs of Christmas, and it warms my heart.  

For me, Christmas means reminding ourselves to stand in love.  It means reminding ourselves that loving and supporting each other is our highest calling.  Yes, even Santa Claus represents the spirit of love.  Santa Claus represents giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return.  This is an example of love in action.   

As with many people in the US, we are bundled up.  The daytime temperatures here in Japan have been anywhere from the low 50’s into the high 20’s. (10 to minus 3 Celsius).  To say I am not looking forward to the tropical breezes of Maui would be untrue.

I cannot express enough gratitude  for all the wonderful people who have come to spend time with Ashtar and myself.  Your trust, love and dedication to lifting our planet humbles me.  Thank you.  And to the hostesses and hosts who have provided us warm, loving places to work;  Namaste.   To those who have organized this visit to Japan, my heart is wide open.

Where ever you are, around the world, may your Christmas season offer you countless opportunities to spread love.

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂