Christmas lives on!

After I left Japan I headed for a little R&R on the beautiful island of Maui.  Brian and I love getting back together at our favorite hotel on Kaanapali, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel.  This year the hotel hosted a scavenger hunt to find the Hawaiian 12 days of Christmas, Hawaiian style!  We had such a great time visiting our friends on the island, including Pastor Lucky who did his Christmas eve service dressed as Santa.  We even did some stand up paddle boarding for fun.

On Saturday December 30 we will be hosting the first Ashtar New Year Bash at the Fallbrook Spiritual Center and would love to have you join us as we ask Ashtar to take out his Universal Crystal Ball to give us some hints as to what 2018 will bring.  Please join us if you can!

And of course, remember that February 9, 10 and 11 we will be in Sedona Arizona for our Love, Ascension and Beyond program with Greg Sullivan, our UFO expert, Linda Lintvedt our Gong Master, Brian Graham with his relationship seminars, and Ashtar!  On my web site you will find a tab for the Sedona Retreat where you can get all the information.

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂