Companionship in your play opens you to new expressions of yourself.  Isn’t that an interesting concept?

We are tied together

Whatever interaction we have with others ties us together.  Ashtar has often spoken about the Karmic ties we have with friends, family, even people we interact with along the street.  Sometime ago He did a video about the ripple effect of Karma which I hope you got to see.  If not, I have added to the Public section of my You Tube channel, Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar.  It’s simply amazing how interconnected we are to each other.

Lets talk about play

This month Ashtar is focusing upon play.  In last weeks video Ashtar had me at Ice Cream!  Play is essential to our well being.  As the old saying goes; “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.  This applies to Jill as well.  When we play with others we open ourselves to an entirely new expression of our selves.  Companionship in play gets us out of our own way and lets us explore new ways of being.

Play on Maui

You may be aware that Brian and I have often gone to the island of Maui to play.  We have had such fun there.  Many of the images we share on this page actually came from Maui, in fact.  I want to take a moment to ask you to join me in sending all the love you can to those affected by this week’s fires.  Please remember, as tragic as the loss of life is the ripple effect of that fire also extend to those whose homes and businesses were not involved in the conflagration.  The economic impacts on the entire island are profound.

Let you inner child free!

Your inner child knows how to play.  It will let you play in ways long forgotten.  The simple abandonment of play is an art we would all do well to remember.  And when you do play, Play in Companionship.  Play with a friend.  It’s so much more fun!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,