Compassion for Family

Having Compassion for Family is not always easy.  There are so many dynamics involved. Emotions may be the most challenging aspect to compassion.


We can be so clear about our lives, until we walk into the company of our family.  So often what we have built or created or done seems to mean little to those who know us the best.  I guess that’s where the old saying, “No man is a king in their own castle” originated.  To the world we may be important, successful and prosperous.  To our family we are just the little kid who wouldn’t clean their room. Our family knows our “hot buttons” better than anyone.  They should, they helped install them!  To have compassion for family means to be willing to see each of them for who they are; people doing their best as they know it.


It is not only our family that judges us, we judge our family too.  The question is; how can we have compassion for family if we are living in judgement?  Judgement is a huge roadblock to compassion.  There is a quote from the Bible which says, “Judge not least you be judged.”  Great advice.  It does not say, “If you judge me, I will judge you.”  It does not say, “I can judge you but you can’t judge me.”  The way around this is through something Ashtar speaks about all the time; Love.

We can see and hear what we think of as short-comings in others, but if we listen with love they are no longer shortcomings.  They are just who that person is and we love them for being who they are.

Climbing higher

As we continue our Spiritual growth this tendency to hear though love comes more easily.  As we climb higher we easily remember that those things which bother us about another person only exists because we know the same thing is within us.  In last week’s video, “Love for Family” Ashtar spoke about just this premise.  If you missed his message you can always go back an listen again to what he had to say.  Our most difficult relationships are our best teachers.

Compassion for Family

Compassion for Family is a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,