Continuing the process

Question: are you continuing the process of Rebirth Ashtar is speaking about for March?

Last week

Last week Ashtar spoke about reflecting upon the life you want.  In this weeks video he speaks about the process of releasing what no longer serves us and at the same time, reconnecting with our Spiritual base.

I got to do some of that work as my husband and I took a week long cruise from Los Angeles to the Mexican Rivera.  Being at sea was a wonderful opportunity to do the work Ashtar suggested last week.  Yes, I too use the processes Ashtar speaks about.  For me the reflecting about how I would like to live my life in the future was underscored by experiencing the attentive service that comes along with a cruise like this.  I mean, who wouldn’t want their room cleaned twice a day, meals pretty much on call, entertainment and new friends every day!

Because I have already seen what Ashtar has to say this week, I got the opportunity to release old memories that no longer serve me and reconnect with some spiritual truths that had perhaps laid fallow for a time.  You certainly don’t have to board a cruise ship to do this!  What it comes down to is awareness.  Awareness of what could be working better.


Sometimes rebirth is a blissful experience.  Sometimes, not so much.  As we commit ourselves to continuing the process of spiritual evolution rebirth is an essential part of our work.  If during this process you find yourself uncomfortable, out of sorts, maybe a little confused, the solution is, as always, meditation.  Reconnecting with Spirit is always the most comfortable route to your rebirth.  As Ashtar often tells us; Meditate, meditate, meditate!

I wish you joy as you release continuing the process.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,