I know you create your life.  You know that what you experience is a direct result of your viewpoint.  Now, it’s time to put these truths into practice.

Want to be happy?

No matter how happy you are right now, there is another level of happiness to be experienced.  For the past few months Ashtar has encouraged us to witness our lives, to play and now, to get back to work.  You see how he has woven all these ideas into a pattern?  As an Ascended Master, Ashtar sees our world not as individual moments, but from a much larger perspective.

When we see life as unlimited; as something that does not last 90 or 100 years, but as eternal, those moments that are uncomfortable, take on a different perspective.  We no longer have to obsess about a particular experience.  We see that the ups and downs of our life are just a part of the framework.  A manifestation of our thinking.  For me, this contributes to my happiness.

To create

Last week Ashtar asked you to reflect upon what you want in your life.  With that perspective, what came to your mind?  What did you find that was important to you, and what do you intend to experience in the future.  This week Ashtar’s Intention (Volume 12, #2) is to begin working on what will transform the life you are living into the life you want to live.  This is pure creation, and it’s yours to put into practice right now.

What plans do you have in your dreams that you have yet to put into action?  What are the reasons you have yet to do so?  Do your research into the opening steps of your new life; what might you have to do?  Even more exciting is the very real possibility that you already have what you need to take the next steps.

If you can conceive it

If you can conceive of it, you probably already have the tools you need to move forward.  For instance, I have never conceived of myself being a nuclear physicist.  I believe this means that within me there are not the tools to achieve that goal.  However, I can and do conceive myself as being a teacher, something I have done throughout my life.  The tools are within me.

What fires you up?  What activity makes your heart sing?  These are things you already have the tools to achieve.  Go on out and Create the life that make you happy.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,