Creativity and Spirituality

Spirituality and creativity go hand in hand as we learned at a workshop held by Beloved in Tachikawa this week.  So many people have commented on the rock Ashtar and I use to ground as we switch places that our hosts, Takako-san and Hiromi-san thought it would be fun to have everyone make their own stone creating a powerspot in their homes.  And did we have fun!  It was a big arts and crafts day.  The results were astounding and gratifying to say the least.  After the stones were painted Ashtar “powered them up” in his special way so that now everyone in our group can have a piece of Ashtar’s energy with them at home.

Our Ashtar group sessions continue to evolve.  We still do our traditional question and answers program, but have added some new elements too.  When I return to Japan during the summer we will be introducing an entirely new training program I know you will love.  Just a hint; this will involve an Ashtar healing process we have never done before.  Watch for it soon, we hope to see you there!

Many blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂