Day three: Tenkawa Shrine

For good reasons the Tenkawa Shrine, outside Nara, Japan, is one of the the “Big Five” Benzaiten Shrines in Japan.  Benzaiten is the goddess of water, art, music, dance, literature, abundant wealth and good fortune.  She originates from the Hindu River Goddess Sarasvati and is present in both Buddhism and Shintoism as well.  As an added bonus to me, personally, Kukai practiced mantras and meditation before establishing a mountain retreat at Mount Koya.  Many of you know my connection to Kukai so that I was called to Tenkawa would be no surprise.

There is also a tradition here that only those called by Benzaiten may visit this shrine.  I am honored to have been invited. Another noteworthy thing about Tenkawa Shrine is that it is both Buddhist and Shinto in practice.

And speaking of honors; as part of our visit to this mountain top shrine, Ashtar and I were invited to have a talk show and be in audience with the head Priest Kakisaka Daibenzaitensha.  He knew of Ashtar and has a deep interest in UFO’s and wanted to learn more about Ashtar and myself.  Tenkawa, by the way, is one of the best places in Japan to see a UFO.  It was a fascinating audience with a most honored personage.

One our journey here we stopped for lunch at the most charming log cabin restaurant.  Just for fun I have included some photos of our stop.  And then there was The Tanize no Tsuribashi Bridge, a 977 foot suspension bridge! One of the largest in Japan.  Oh my golly!  What an experience!

I want to say thank you to Yukari Kojima of Studio Kara for arranging this memorable excursion, and to all the people who came along with us.  The power of your love made these three days of travel a memory I will keep in my heart throughout time.

Right now I am headed for Matsuyama from Osaka to do groups and private session with Ms. Naho Kiriyama.  See you soon!

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂