Don't they grow!

As you may or may not know, I have not had the joy of motherhood.  You can read about this in my biography “The Lady Ashtar Story”, so I will not spend anytime here going into it.  About three years ago my husband and I began sponsoring a young lady in Nepal through the Biswa Seva Foundation.  We have even gotten to visit with Rina at the her school.  Today I was given the opportunity to experience what parents around the world have the joy of witnessing; they grow up!  The round little face we fell in love with has become a beautiful woman who is now even speaking to us about going to University in the United States.  

Ashtar has made this point so many times during sessions; time is not a rigid thing.  Sometimes it goes fast, others it seems to move with frustrating slowness.  I feel the dormant Mom in me saying, “Where did that little girl go?”  Isn’t life grand!  I feel so much Motherly pride about our Rina.

I will hold this image in my heart as I begin working with Beloved Salon in Tachikawa this weekend.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂