If you were to simply embrace how powerful you are, it would rock your world.


Powerful is a word Ashtar uses often.  Almost every time, he is speaking about you.  How often we forget that we are the Universe in action.  What we say is powerful because it sparks manifestation.  It sparks manifestation which supports us on our journey, or hinders us on our journey.  We create worlds with what we say.  Now, that’s powerful!

When we forget how powerful we are things get a little ragged around the edges.  Life seems to become a little, shall we say, blurry?  When we forget how powerful we are what we manifest is not as precise as we might like.  But when we embrace our power, when we remember our power, the world becomes our Oyster.

Our responsibility

As we expand spiritually, and if you are reading this you are spiritually expanded, we acquire skills.  Those who have not expanded spiritually do not have the same level of skill.  Before awakening we can run around saying and doing pretty much anything with little consequence on the surrounding world.  As our skills sharpen, our manifestations are more wide-reaching. They affect more people and the planet to a greater degree.  That’s why I say we have greater responsibilities.

The Universe has entrusted you with the ability to alter the world.  You have within yourself the power to create manifestations that will change the course of our planet.  You are that powerful.  Embrace that power and use it to not only lift your own consciousness, but the consciousness of everyone around you.  In turn, they will lift the collective consciousness of our planet.

Think about change

Use the powers the Universe has vested in you to expand love.  Love is the greatest change we can make.  As Jimi Hendrix said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”  Now, that is change that will rock the world and it is within you right now.  Embrace it!

Enjoy this weeks Ashtar Intention video; Embrace your light.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,