When Ashtar gave the the title “Expansion” for this video I have to admit the first thought was about my waistline!  I certainly don’t want to expand that!

Life is a process

We work on our Spiritual Growth.  We study and reflect upon our lives.  Sometimes we have major breakthroughs, sometimes they are subtle, but it is all Expansion.  One of the challenges I see is that sometimes we stop looking forward.  We cease to encourage ourselves to grow.  This is just fine for fruits and vegetables, but for humans we really do want to keep looking forward.

To challenge ourselves to understand more, to love more deeply, eliminate judgement of ourselves and others.  Regardless of how far along this path we have traveled, there is still much more to experience.

Taking time

This month’s series of Ashtar Intentions has given me pause to ask, “Am I taking time to appreciate what I have accomplished?”  Dwelling in the past is unhealthy.  Appreciating what we have accomplished thus far is delightful, if we do not give in to ego.  Taking time to appreciate what we have done and at the same time taking time to look to more and better seems a wonderful balance.

This week’s video

This week’s video builds upon our first two weeks: Witnessing our lives and the seeds we have planted, and the introspection of our growth, life and plans.   This week Ashtar encourages us to evaluate our expansion.  Have we set goals for the next phase of our lives?  Who do you want to be?  What aspects do you want to expand?  All together this is an amazing month of Spiritual Growth.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

Expansion is not about our waistlines, it is about our mental  and Spiritual health.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,


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