Expressing Love

What does Expressing Love mean to you?

The many flavors of Love

Expressing Love comes in many different forms.  It might mean romance, of course, but here is so much more.  When we are loving on our animals, sharing a positive emotion or enjoying our families we are expressing love.  When we do things for our planet, nature, affirming positive thoughts, those too are an expression of love.

There is no word in the English language so fraught with confusion as Love.  We hesitate to say the word for fear we will be misunderstood.  I rather like the Greek tradition of many words for love.  Agape, or love for all.  Philia, which is the love we share with our families.  Eros, the romantic love.  Wouldn’t that help us communicate our feelings so much more clearly?

Actions rather than words

When we come right down to it our words mean less than our actions.  How do we behave?  If on one hand we are saying I love my planet but then trash it, what are we really expressing?  We say we love people, then speak unkindly of them behind their backs.  When we speak loving words to another person what are they hearing?  Being as clear as we can when expressing love is so important.

Ashtar’s intention for the second week of June

In the video below Ashtar speaks of some of the ways we can express love.  His intention is a  powerful one that may help you be authentic in all you do.  Love is such a powerful word it is a shame we find ourselves having to hide what we feel.  I invite you to watch this video, and maybe even re-watch it to catch the subtleties.  Of course I am biased, but living our lives fully, expressing ourselves fully is a beautiful thing.

Catch up with past intentions

There is a whole library of Ashtar Intentions on You Tube ready for your viewing.  This is our ninth month of sharing Ashtar’s thoughts through intentions.  If you become a subscriber to my You Tube channel you will receive notification of each new intention as it is posted.  And don’t be afraid of sharing his intentions.

Many Blessings of Universal love,