Forgiving the self

As we look into the idea of forgiveness, one of the the most important aspects is forgiving the self.

It’s not an ego thing

Forgiving the self is far from an  ego based action.  Truthfully, we must first forgive others for their actions, words or deeds.  We must forgive the situation too.  Then, and only then are we ready for the next step of forgiveness; forgiving ourselves.

If we believe, and I do, that we are all responsible for our actions, then we must forgive ourselves for creating the situation where a discord has arisen.  This is truly not an ego thing.

Last week

Last week we looked at forgiving others as part of the Ashtar Intention Series.  We have also looked at forgiving, but learning from the lesson we have hopefully learned.  This week we merge these two teachings with the next essential step; to forgive ourselves.

Lest you think this must certainly complete Ashtar’s lessons on forgiveness, I assure you that next week he has something even more powerful to offer.  Please make the Ashtar Intention Series a regular part of your week.  There are gems all along the way.

This week’s video

For those of us who have spent long nights hoping to find a way to release our feelings of guilt; feelings of anxiety, this week’s video may be the key that helps you recover.  I truly hope so.  Forgiving the self can be challenging, but well worthwhile.

And now, it’s Japan

Since last Wednesday I have been on my Spring 2023 tour of Japan.  The first in three years!  To say I am happy to be here would be an understatement.  I bow in humble appreciation of the welcoming given me in just these past few days.  The people I have already met and worked with have been astounding.  The staff of Studio Kara, many of whom were not part of our team three years ago, have proven more than up to the task. To Yukari Kojima, and Voice (my publisher in Japan) thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to my friend, my constant companion and interpreter, Yuka, only love for all you do.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,