Fujinomiya fun!

My two days in Fujinomiya was delightful! As we were arriving in town, which is right at the base of Mt. Fuji, I had such a breathtaking view of the mountain. Americans don’t really have a mountain that holds a place in our hearts like Mt. Fuji does for the Japanese. It truly is one of the iconic sights of Japan, and to have such a spectacular view is very special indeed.
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do sessions with Ashtar in such a magnificent location.
My interpreter was Ms Yayoi Oguma, and our hostess was Ms Chiharu Yamada. Together they combined to make is visit very, very special. My thanks to both of you!
I am now in Tokyo for an Ashtar Realignment Program level one workshop, then I scoot on over to Tachikawa and Kunitachi for two days with Mr and Mrs Yao at Hatsuga Reiki Academy. I look forward to reuniting with this delightful couple who have hosted me lovingly for many years.
Many Blessings of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂