Fukuoka doings

First of all I want to thank you for all the prayers for my healing that have come my way these past few days.  I have received so many offers for prayers, healing processes, herbal remedies and Divine intercession I am simply overwhelmed with the love, and I return the love to you.  I am happy to say I am on the mend again thanks to all your help.  My computer, however, can now use your prayers, or the name of a good Apple repairperson nearby!

Seriously though, these past few days in Fukuoka have been enchanting.  We have done almost 20 private sessions, a group and even a workshop, and we did it all even though rain has been falling fairly constantly.  All this could not have been done without the loving support of my hostess; Sachiko Yamaguchi, and interpreter Lani Lemuria Yumika.  Namaste to my support team, namaste to those who have come to spend time with Ashtar, and namaste to you, dear loved ones for following me along on my fall tour of Japan.  Next stop: Ogikubo and Be-loved where I will be spending three days.

The photo with this posting is of myself and my interpreter Lani-sa