Gifts from the heart

Throughout my travels here in Japan I am humbled by the many gifts I receive from people who come to see Ashtar and me.  From delicious cookies to fine fabrics and everything in between, each is special.  Each and every gift I receive touches my heart.  

Today I received something extra special, not because of its cost, but because of the sacred meaning behind it.  Ms. Naomi Hattori brought me this pair of 1000 paper cranes.  In Japanese these are called senbazuru.  The Crane is believed to live for a thousand years.  The Japanese refer to the crane as the “bird of happiness.”  A gift of these strings of cranes blesses both the giver, and the receiver.  If you look closely at the photo you might notice that one set of 1000 cranes have their heads pointed outwards, which symbolize the spiritual path, and these were presented for Ashtar.  In the other set of 1000, the crane’s heads heads are oriented upward for health and joy.  These were presented for me, and I am so grateful for this gift.

Right now I am researching ways to send this unique gift safely back to my home in California to become a treasured part of my home.

Yes, I do certainly appreciate all the thoughtful gifts from the heart I receive.  A gift symbolizes giving a part of one’s self to another.  That is how I feel about each one; and each is sacred to me.

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂