Grand, Grand Rino Days

Here I am in Yokohama, working with Grand Rino.  Grand Rino is one of the worlds go-to stores for healing stones, crystals and gems.  Ashtar and I do our sessions in the Crystal Room surrounded by quartz crystals in every size from chips to pieces two and three feet across.  The energy here is astounding.  I have also included a photo of just one wall of the Grand Rino main showroom.  Stones of every color of the rainbow are on display here.  It’s a true wonderland.

I have a special place in my heart for Grand Rino’s owner, Mr. Tomokiyo Nishida because he stood in as my father when Brian and I had our Shinto wedding in Osaka.  Plus, he is a true gentleman.

My cover photo today is a group shot I am very proud about.  Left to right: Nishita-san, Sumire-chan, who is a phenomenon here is Japan.  Ashtar encouraged her to write a book about how she channels the voices of unborn children to their mothers.  To date she has sold over 37,000 copies and counting.  Then there is me,  Yuki Hmyuu (Sumire’s mom), Yukari-san and Yuka-san.

Next, I return  to Tokyo to work through my own publisher, Voice, for a week.  Life is so very good, and I am grateful beyond words to be doing the work I do.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂