An act of gratitude

A simple act of gratitude will change your life.

The secret to happiness

If you want to live a life overflowing with happiness all you have to do is be grateful when you are happy. Does seeing a beautiful vista make you happy?  When you see it, tell the Universe it makes you happy and say thank you.

The secret to a fulfilling relationship

Do you feel you will never find a relationship that fills you with joy?  One that makes you happy to be alive?  Let me let you in on a secret Ashtar has shared with us for years; give thanks for the relationship you want even if it hasn’t manifested yet.  Your vibration is what brings things to you or pushes them away.  By performing an act of gratitude that you know you are being led to the perfect relationship doors open for you.

The secret to financial success

Rather than focusing upon the lack of money in your life take a moment and give thanks for what money you do have.  Where you place your attention expands so focus positively on your current success.  By doing this you stop affirming your lack and begin affirming your success.  A simple act of gratitude each day will create positive results in your bank account.

The secret to a happier life

By now you have no doubt begun to see the drift of where I am going.  Neither Ashtar, nor any Ascended Master can give you a happier life until you join-in on the process.  If you walk around everyday telling anyone who will listen (or even yourself) that your life stinks you will be stuck there.  The only thing that will change your life is you.  That’s right, you are in the drivers seat.

Everything you want is already available to you through the simple process of an act of gratitude.

Baby steps

If today you found yourself being happy, even for a moment; express gratitude.  If today you witnessed the kind of relationship you desire, express gratitude.  If you were able to pay the due bills, express gratitude.  Before you know it you won’t even be thinking about lack.  You will be thinking of prosperity, abundance, love and joy.  One step at a time is the key.

Ashtar’s thoughts about an act of gratitude

The attached video is Ashtar speaking about how gratitude will impact your life.  I hope you can take a moment to enjoy his words of love.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,