Happening in Japan!

As you know, my husband Brian Graham wrote my biography two years ago. It’s titled “The Lady Ashtar Story” and has been available through Amazon. If you haven’t gotten your copy, we have plenty of copies available. Since the U.S. publication, Brian has been working with one of my interpreters, Manami Simmons, to produce a Japanese version of the book. The big happening is that it is happening! The translated edition will be on store shelves throughout Japan before Christmas.
I had the pleasure of meeting with the president of Clover Publishing who has been working on this book for over a year now. I bow in gratitude to the Publisher, Minori Oda and his publisher Yukiko Abe in Tokyo just a day ago. It was so good to put a face to the people who have been working so diligently to complete this project.
As long as I am sharing exciting news, Clover Publishing has already increased by 25% the number of copies they are planning to release for the first print! I am so very happy to see this whole idea become a reality. God is good!
I have four more days in Tokyo with Dynavision which is owned by Keiko Anaguchi. Thank you Keiko-san for your part in getting my fifth book in Japan into print.
And, as always,
Many Blessings of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂