Happy 2021

Ashtar and I wish you a very happy 2021.  On New Year’s Eve we hosted our annual message for the new year on zoom. We were delighted that so many of you joined us. Thank you!

If you have read The Lady Ashtar story  I had a segment about Ashtar leading me to a store called “Star Base.”  One of our guests for Ashtar’s New Year Message was the owner of that store!  Eli and I haven’t been in contact for years, but he showed up to be part of our Happy 2021 celebration.

Our 2020 YouTube

Thank you so much for your support on my YouTube Channel Terrie Symons/Lady Ashtar.  We step into a happy 2021 with over two hours of new content, 324 likes, 117 new subscribers and over 5000 new views.  it is an honor that our viewers have spent almost 190 hours watching the wisdom of Ashtar.  We are truly humbled.  If you have yet to become a subscriber to our YouTube channel try it!  You may just be missing out on something important to you.

Into 2021

We all share the hope that 2021 will bring us the freedom to travel freely.  I hope to be able to return to Japan this year to resume my in-person work with our Japanese friends.  And won’t it be great when all of us can decide to hop into our cars and visit with friends and family anytime we wish!

With that in mind I think it is important that we not write-off 2020 as a loss.  Consider how we have been able to become closer to each other through zoom and other electronic media.  Didn’t you get to spend more time with your spouse and close family members?  Most of all, Ashtar and I have been able to reach more new friends because of the shift to on-line communication.

Thank you for a wonderful year

For all the support you have offered during 2020 we are truly grateful.  We look forward to a truly happy 2021 filled with love, joy, peace, harmony and understanding.  Your love has made 2020 a landmark year for Ashtar and myself.  Thank you.

This video is a snippet of the Ashtar New Year Message.  When New Year 2022 rolls around we hope you are part of our program.

Blessings of Universal Love,