Happy and sad

Terrie, Lady Ashtar, Reflections in the parkI am very happy because we just completed our largest on-line event to date. Over 1600 people signed up to attend the class and when it concluded we had over 2500 comments. I humbly thank Yukari Kojima and Studio Kara for putting together this wonderful event. Gratitude also goes out to my interpreter Yuka Okawa Rinehart.

My sadness come up because I have to leave Japan. The United States Embassy in Tokyo has released a message saying that all Americans should leave Japan immediately. At the hotel where I have been cloistered these past 14 days I have seen only a handful of guests moving around, and the streets of Osaka have been quite empty as I have shared in previous postings.

I do not live in fear of Covid-19, still I am consistent in observing Social Distancing and wearing my mask as I do occasionally move about town. The feelings I have about leaving Japan at this time are many: torn, disappointed, saddened. However I will be able to continue to meet with those seeking Ashtar’s guidance through on-line platforms from my home in California. This has made me realize that Japan is my home and how much I love being with the beautiful people of this country.

Another happy is that we are planning for my return to Japan in August, conditions permitting.

So it is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to Japan for now. With that goodbye goes my wishes that each and every person remains safe, healthy and happy and the very soon we can once again share the special bond that has developed over the years.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂