Happy, Happy Vortex Festival!

I get to do so many wonderful events here in Japan, my heart overflows with the love that is shared with me.  After Ashtar’s amazing weekend at the Iyashi Fair sponsored by Studio Kara and Grand Rino, we shifted gears on Monday for an exclusive event sponsored by Dynavision.  The afternoon began with a tea for about 50 people.  Fellow American Dougall Fraser, Japanese living legends Keiko Anaguchi of Dynavision and Somi Hongo sharing insights with the group high atop Tokyo.  It was amazing.  

Then we whisked over to a much larger venue where almost 800 people awaited us to learn some secrets of Happiness.  There we were joined by a young Japanese sensation Sumire and mega star Jinnosuke Kokoroya. This is where it gets interesting; As you know, I am out of body while Ashtar is speaking.  I had no idea he could also serve as a Master of Ceremonies!  The video that is attached to this blog shows the final few minutes of Ashtar on stage.