Happy New Year!

Each new day is a new opportunity to begin life again, but there is something extra special about a New Year. This New Year we even begin a new decade! Ashtar and I have created two video messages for the new year; this one is the abbreviated version, but if you would like to join Ashtar in meditation to begin the new year, we have a second version available on YouTube that includes a meditation and other expanded content.
I hope you have discovered the You Tube platform where you can enjoy many, many Ashtar videos anytime you like. Just look for LadyAshtar/Terrie Symons when you search the platform.
I wish I could express just how grateful I am to each of you. To those who arrange and support Ashtar and Lady Ashtar sessions, I bow to you in honor. My heart never forgets the privilege it is to bring his teachings to this planet.
May the New Year bring you joy, love, peace, harmony and abundant health.
Many Blessings of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂