As the old saying goes; “Woman does not live by bread alone.”  That’s true unless the bread is filled with yummy stuff like at this sandwich shop where we had lunch yesterday in Jarajuku.  The food I get to enjoy while I am here in Japan ranges from simple ramen to ornate, multi-course feasts. Today it was sandwiches.  One thing you will notice as you dine in Japan is that no matter how simple or complex the meal, a great deal of attention is payed to its presentation.  Yummy for the tummy and yummy for the eyes.  This sandwich shop around the corner from the salon where I was working is no exception. These sandwiches are almost too beautiful to eat;  almost!

Now it is back to Tachikawa for the final five days of this tour.  Ashtar and I will be working with Beloved, so if you have yet to join us, please don’t delay!

Many blessings of Universal love,

Terrie 🙂