Harmonious Actions

Going through life creating harmonious actions can free us to experience love, joy, peace and harmony.

The final April Intention

Whew!  With five Intentions for April this has been a busy month for self improvement, hasn’t it?  Ashtar has encouraged us to remember the lessons we have learned.  He has prompted us to forgive ourselves and others.  He has even given us a mantra to say when things get a little sticky.  And now, the Intention is to find and live harmonious actions.  I would say this has been a pretty deep month.

The Spring Japan tour

Even with all this teaching going on I got the opportunity to visit Japan again after three years absence.  I freely admit that many of the words Ashtar has offered us this month have come in handy!  Yes, it is my privilege to channel the Ambassador of Love, but I am also his student.

As I returned from Japan my suitcases were a little heaver bringing home the Ashtar Venusian Symbol cards.  Many of the sets I brought home have already been spoken for, but I do have a few left.  If you want to get even deeper in the teachings of Ashtar, this is a great way.

We will be having a special live and Zoom session to learn how to fully utilize these amazing cards.  The date is yet to be set but I think what I would like to do is offer a special price for a package offering.  For a limited time I will be offering a set of Venusian Symbol Cards and the teaching event for only $111.00.

Changes in our notification system

For the past few years I have been sending out blogs on a platform which has suddenly become, shall we say, difficult.  At this moment we are switching to a new platform which hopefully will better keep you informed and up to date.  Ashtar’s weekly Intentions will continue to be available through the Ladyashtar.com website as well as on You Tube.  We look forward to completing this transition very soon.  Let’s put harmonious actions to work!

Until next time,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,